Terms and conditions

VSO offers the VSO Scrapbook (also known as Microsite) to its current and former volunteers so that they can write up and share a short account and some photos from their VSO placement. It is a useful tool for VSO volunteers to find out about other volunteers on similar placements across the world or other volunteers who have worked in the same country or on a similar VSO placement. The scrapbook can also be a useful resource for potential volunteers who are thinking about doing a VSO placement or those who are just about to set off. We eventually want it to evolve into an online community for return and current volunteers which provides both a resource and a living history of the impact of volunteers. 

By using this Microsite you are agreeing to be bound by all the terms and conditions of use which we have set out below and the terms and conditions applicable to our website including our Privacy Statement. In these terms when we use the word Microsite or VSO Scrapbook it means this microsite. When we use the word “we” or “our:” or “us”  it refers to Voluntary Service Overseas  and when we use the word “you” or “your”  it refers to any user of the Microsite . 

If you do not agree to the terms of use, please do not use this Microsite. 

We may change our terms of use from time to time at our discretion. 


Please do not post photos unless you have checked that you have the permission of the copyright owner (usually the person who took the photo) and the subject. 

Please check that you do not post pictures or photos of any child unless you have consent to do this from the child’s parent or guardian. Do not use any person’s name unless you have permission to give this as together with a picture it constitutes personal data. 

Please do not use any offensive language when posting to the Microsite and do not express offensive opinions (sexist, racist, political etc.) 

Please do not post anyone else’s work or statement to this Microsite without their consent. 


1.1 This Microsite is open to former or current VSO volunteers who can edit and add stories, but it is visible to the public 

1.2 We reserve the right to change these terms by posting changes to the Microsite at any time and at our sole discretion. We cannot give notice of these changes to each individual user  

1.3 We retain editorial control of the content posted to the Microsite 

1.4 We will always cooperate fully with the police and any other law enforcing agency and officials if these terms are violated 

1.5 If these terms are violated we may suspend or terminate your use of the Microsite and we may bring a legal action to claim damages 

1.6 We may need to update the Microsite from time to time for maintenance or other reasons and may close it down at any time without advanced notice. You understand and agree to this 

1.7 We cannot guarantee that the Microsite will be available at all times because some situations are beyond our control. We operate this Microsite on an as available basis 

1.8 We cannot guarantee that the Microsite will function properly or be free from software invasion, hacking activity or exposure of confidential information 

2.1 You expressly agree that: 

  • your posts to the Microsite will not violate any applicable local international or national law or regulation 

  • you will not post any unlawful content or harmful or threatening content, nothing abusive or pornographic, libellous, invasive of another person’s privacy, or anything hateful or racially ethnically or otherwise objectionable 

  • you will not in posting content to the Microsite impersonate any other person or corporate entity 

  • your posts will not include links to other websites without our express permission in writing 

  • your posts will not infringe anyone else’s intellectual property 

  • your posts will not include any material that you do not know you have the right to post to the Microsite 

2.2 You will not use the site for advertising or promoting any organisation but VSO and then only with prior consent 

2.3 You will not attempt to modify this Microsite 

2.4 You are responsible for ensuring that your hardware and software are safe and suitable for use in connection with this Microsite 

3 If there is any dispute connected with the use of the Microsite under these terms you agree that the laws of England will apply to these terms and that any dispute resolution will be subject to English law