My time volunteering

I volunteered for 3 months in a village called Cheung Kreav in Cambodia helping youth employment, equipping young people with the skills needed to progress their job opportunities.

Our group of volunteers was split into several teams, I was placed on the media team which I enjoyed as I am a photographer. We made a video showcasing our volunteering efforts and our video was voted the best out of all the English volunteering groups who were in Cambodia at the time.

The impact of my placement

The host family who provided me with accommodation benefitted from my volunteering as they really enjoyed having a British volunteer in their home to see us learning about their culture.

The young people we were helping also benefitted from my volunteering as their confidence in their skills, abilities and knowledge increased and at the end they felt like they could now secure a job.

My unforgettable moments

One of my best memories from my volunteering experience is dancing with the grandma of the host family as she was so much fun!

The impact my placement has had on me

After returning home from Cambodia, the experience has made me much more aware of envionmental problems and what can be done to improve these for example the large waste/litter problem that Cambodia have.

I also made really good friends through the experience who I am still in touch with.


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