My time volunteering

Im currently working as Youth Council Representative under Volunteering for Development(VFD) global grant based in Mtwara and Lindi. I enjoyed my role in ensuring that youth voice is strengthened, able to avail services, and establish mechanism or spaces where youth can be heard, respected, valued, and active citizen who can contribute to their own community. Youth are empowered exercising their rights, and establish their platform, and increase level of youth participation. 

The project is too wide for mtwara and lindi, that gave me opportunity to work not only with youth, but also with the government officials, which improved my level of communication and facilitation to different actors 

The impact of my placement

Creating strong, sustainable and inclusive youth platforms which brings young people together talk about their issues and able to provide solutions.

I have been able to reach more than 900 youth, raised 178 youth representatives, who can raise their voice and hold duty beares to become accountable and allow youth to participate so that programs are responsive to their needs. The youth see the need of the platform, and are empowered and eager to see results.

Building good relationship between youth councils, government and other youth organizations by engaging them in all stages from planning to evaluation of the activities.

My unforgettable moments

I saw female participation is too low, that it is too sad that there is still a need for gender empowerment. There are a few community that only men came to attend the meeting and its sadder to think that community leaders didnt know that female youth are involved too. 

The farther  community from the town, the more youth attended and participated in the youth meeting, while those youth in the town center does not even care to attend youth meetings.

This job also allows me to meet different kinds of people, to learn from their experience and values, see from their perspectives, are people i truly keep who made me grow.

The impact my placement has had on me

My understanding of policies, government systems, international organizations global interventions of youth initiatives had enhance my skills and knowledge on development aspects. My experiences had opened my eyes to societal issues, and awaken my passion to do more on community development that benefit the common people. As working with different cultures, i learned to understand and how to work with them including exchange cross culture, and building networks.



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