My time volunteering

I volunteered with VSO as an ICS at Mbeya region in Tanzania under EQUIP-T project from January 2015 to April 2015. It was second circle of the project where I was supervised by two energetic young people; Mageni Malulu (Tanzania) and Jonathan Hooper (UK). As a team of UKVs and National volunteers; we formed some committees to simply project implementation. I was a leader of community event modulation and social events.

I was responsible to collect required information, materials, and potential participants of the event. Also, at my working station I was a team leader to ensure everything accomplished is communicated to partners.

The impact of my placement

The project impact was not easy to be seen expect short one. The community was awere on STDs, hygeine and sanitation, family planning, and gender equality. These were implemented through community action days, social activities and peer to peer training.

Also, we managed to establish learning clubs at schools which we believe has improved schools performance. 

My unforgettable moments

My best memory is host home life with my UK counterpart whom we shared our culture among ourselves, and host home members. We were part of the family indeed by being involved in very activity at home. We learnt and improved community engagement skills.

The impact my placement has had on me

ICS has impacted my whole career as I was based on ICT by professional but through volunteering with VSO I am now an active social worker who is passion in helping youths and disadvantaged groups.


Community Action Day at Tukuyu


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