My time volunteering


Volunteering as ICS in Zanzibar Island was a great experience of life, where we were working  with the project called VNA (Vijana na Ajira) taught  Young people in Zanzibar Island on the soft employability skills including CV writing and basic Interview skills, but also we used our time in Zanzibar raising awareness on 17 sustainable Development goals to the youth platform, and during the time of my placement I was among the Media team member, CAD chairman committee  and did a lot on social media as campaigning the activities that we were doing in Zanzibar Island.

The impact of my placement


Through conducting three Community Action Days and Sustainable Development Goals it  helped to raise awareness on the community on different global issues and together worked in generating solutions that  could work locally, but also conducting different session that helped the student at KIST (Karume Institute of Technology)to be aware on the different soft skills that could be able for them to be employed,also this project brings the impact to the student and youth platform to improve their grammer and know how to speak english, young people also benefited how to write CV  and understood the key interview skills, goal setting.

My unforgettable moments


most the best memory during my volunteering with VSO was being a chairman during my second CAD since i have never being a leader before but i managed and distribute activities to my committee and team, it also help to raise awareness to the community people of Zanzibar on the topic of hygiene and Sexual Transmitted Diseases. therefore this leadership role has helped me today to become a team leader at Bukoba in the ICLP roject.

The impact my placement has had on me


Volunteering as ICS in VSO has really helped me to improve my skills, including my Public speaking skills, My English language both speaking and writing,working cross-culturally, and most important I learnt how to write event proposals and reports, also how to control budgets, and this year I have been selected as a team leader with VSO in the ICLP (Improve Children Learning Participation) project in Bukoba September 2018, I hope to well use my skills In the conference and the future.

Zanzibar Island


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