My time volunteering

I Volunteered in 2015 in ICS program as an ICS volunteer in which we worked in Elimu Fursa project.

In my time as an ICS volunteer I was able to work in Mingoyo secondary school, teaching student on the soft skills, importance of finishing secondary school education and as well as to use economic opportunities which are found in the region to develop and grow in economic aspects.

My experience as an ICS Volunteer was good as I felt very happy to do something good for my community and help those in need of information, aspiration and Dearing spirit to achieve their dream.

Also in 2018 since July to date, I am volunteering at Kagera Region in Muleba District at Kamachumu division as an ICS Team Leader working with RISE team to support Rising Income for School Education, in which so far I am supporting the volunteer to achieve the project impact.

My experience as an ICS Team Leader volunteer is so wonderful as I get time to go with the volunteers in the school, delivering sessions on the children's right sessions, Communication skills, HIV and AIDS and peer training, and as of now we have just started to work with the former to support their production so as they produce enough to support their children's education.

Also I have been working with teachers in making of the teaching aids from the local available resources in which they can be found easily, so that they can make the same in the future  

In both projects that I have supported through ICS Volunteering we were able to do Community awareness on the issues in the community placement, in which people were able to get information from the volunteer and the invited guest speakers.

Not only that but also, through VSO I am volunteering in the project of National Youth Engagement Network (NYEN) as a coastal representative ,where by youth who have done ICS and those who did do it are engaged into capacity building trainings, given chance to explore employability and entrepreneurship skills so that to empower youth to utilise available opportunity for their economic stability.

volunteering is indeed a noble act.

The impact of my placement

1. from the RISE project I have seen children's confidence on communicating to the teachers increased, and the teacher themselves gives testimony  of those change.

2. Schools attendance has been increased as students like ICS session in which they also attend other school sessions.

3.Working with teachers to develop teaching aid from local available resources it has given the teachers spirit of wanting to make some teaching aid on their own.

4. The spirit of volunteerism has been increased as lots of young people are asking on the procedure to be a volunteer. 


My unforgettable moments

When the student were gathered to the assembly to have a goodbye saying to the volunteer, it was a good memory to see that student confidence has been increased and their able to speak freely in the assemble and act freely in front of their teachers, it gave me a sense of project impact on the part of confidence.

But also it showed that  we were loved by teachers and student as  things went a little bit emotional.  

The impact my placement has had on me

I've come to love volunteering, as I see it as a noble deed to do to your fellow human being, it an act of love and compassionate for others, it has thought me to see world in different perspective of togetherness in our diversity.  



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