My time volunteering

I was volunteering in Nandi County, Kenya with ICS VSO. The overall theme of our placement was 'Livelihoods', with the additional aim of improving the inclusion of those living with a disability with the rest of the community. I spent the majority of my placement volunteering at Kapsabet Deaf School, teaching a range of subjects to Class 2. It was a hugely rewarding experience as I was able to learn KSL and completely immerse myself in the culture. I was also involved in a lot of advocacy work and spent a significant amount of time speaking to government officials to help resolve some of the issues faced by members of the community.

My unforgettable moments

A number of volunteers helped organise and run a careers day at Kapsabet Deaf School. We invited a number of different speakers, the majority of whom were deaf, to speak to approximately 200 students during the course of the day. There were so many unforgettable moments and all the volunteers and students seem to thoroughly enjoy the day. The best memory for me, however, was during one of the talks given by a film director. One of the students was signing a funny story to the rest of their class and the whole class were laughing and clapping, after this every single student wanted to have a go as well!

The impact my placement has had on me

Since returning back to the UK I have noticed that I'm a lot more open-minded. I've also decided that I would like to have a career that is focused on international development and would like to spend more time working abroad in various different countries. The most important thing I've learnt, however, is to be more accepting. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and it's so important to accept them as these are the things that make everyone different.

Nandi County, Kenya


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