My time volunteering

I had the life changing opportunity to volunteer in Wote, Makueni-cycle 4! Our project aim was to help young people ages 18-30 as they where the most marginalised in the county.
My time in Makueni was spent teaching youth, women and ICT classes on EYEE. EYEE stands for Empowered Youth for Entrepreneurship and Employability. The main objectives of EYEE are: increased number of youth involved in agribusiness; improved youth agencies; better opportunities for youth and young people in entrepreneurship skills and employment opportunities. 
All member of our team where split into groups of 2-4 for our projects with 7 different groups working across the county implementing EYEE in there own way with different

The impact of my placement

My time in Wote, was spent working with the county government, for sport, youth, gender and social services. Working with the office helped us to find ICT classes, to empower them in EYEE. We helped to teach them skills which they could use to get jobs or start businesses, writing a CV, interview techniques with even some role play,
On top of this we also worked with a few groups outside of county government, for example one of the groups we worked with was a women’s group whom raised funds for orphaned children in the area. We worked with this group to also empower them in EYEE. We did the by, showing them how to raise money, and sell their homemade  products online, thus bringing them more money. We also, did a few talks on book keeping and how to manage finances effectively and efficiently. We also, had a day towards the end of the cycle, where the rest of our team meet the women’s group and spent a day talking to the children the women’s group helped. 
    I hope the work we did with all of our groups will have a long lasting impact on them, and will help them to become more sustainable through EYEE.

Team photo

My unforgettable moments

Whilst in Wote, I had so many  amazing memories, meeting new friends, adapting to a whole new culture and living with a new family. Meeting my family was an unforgettable moment, my host siblings where amazing, I remember one day I was dancing in the rain because it hadn’t rained for weeks and I missed the rain. They where so funny and I’ll never forget all the fun times we had, them trying to teach me how to dance. My host mum’s cooking was also, amazing! She made the best chapati in Kenya that I can guarantee. 
I met some Amazing new friends, and I still keep in touch with them, trying to meet up regularly. We are also, planning on returning to Kenya, in the near future to meet up with everyone.
Mid-phase review was also such an incredible time, having the time to relax, and even watching wild animals whilst the sun set! MPR also gave us the opportunity to get closer, and learn things we hadn’t known about each other before.
MPR photo

The impact my placement has had on me

Volunteering had a huge impact on my life. I won’t lie, it was rough at first, I had never left the UK never been away from home, so it was a huge leap to go to Kenya for 3 months without my family friends. I missed my family a lot especially my Mam, I was ready to leave within a week of being there. I knew I couldn’t I knew I had to push myself more out of my comfort zone and I did.
Before I went to Kenya, I was a very shy and had social anxiety, but my team helped me come through all of it. We where so supportive of each other, and became a family. Since Kenya, I am now more outgoing, a lot more confident and I am more willing to push myself out of my comfort zone. ICS has taught me so much about myself, and  has given me a whole new insight into life, the programme has not only changed me as a person, but it has changed me into a better person.                                                                                                                                                                                       Team photo Whilst on the programme there where some challenges but we overcame them, which gave me more confidence and showed me how u can be more involved in decision making.
Once back in the UK, we had to do action at home, I used the skills I had learnt whilst in Kenya to complete this. For example I gave a talk to my old secondary school about ICS, and talked about my time there. I would have never been able to do that before ICS. 
ICS, will definitely change your life, and you should grasp the opportunity as soon as you get the chance!


Wote, Makueni


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