My time volunteering

I volunteered with VSO different projects, Notable Project Was ICS - CASH project in Zanzibar. Working with  farmer dealing with Vegetables and fruits farming.  As ICS team we had very nice time to train farmers on organic farming, Marketing skills, business management, storage and business branding. Working with UK volunteers was a notable contribution as it exposed me to crossculture living and  working. 

I also volunteered with EEVT (Enhance employability through vocation Training) Project in Lindi Tanzania. As a monitoring and Evaluation advisor i was working closer to bring impact to Vocation students on having jobs soon as they finish school, motivating other Students in school by making success stories to some of the graduates in job, organizing career fair events

The impact of my placement

During ICS Project, I direct contributed my impacting knowledge to small farmers to advance there marketing skills, branding and business plans preparations. Farmers where advised to use of organic type of farming that increased productivity but also high market demand. After ICS programe, I was selected to be representative on National Youth Engnment Network that brought together ICS Alumni from all organizations imprimenting ICS programe. Being representative it has exposed to be assess some development grant that was offered to ICS alumn, I used this grant to come up with Project campaigning for sustainable development goals awarness in secondary school in Lindi and Dar es salaam Regions of Tanzania.

With EEVT project direct impact were matching more than 96 to direct jobs soon after finishing there school, Trained more that 1000 students of the soft skills, cv writing, and work readness training. 250 graduates benefited from 5 short courses who are most on demand current for Tanzania industrial economy policy which are Truck driving, forklift operations, industrial painting, Scaffolding and working at height. 

My unforgettable moments

Being ICS volunteer exposed to crosscilture working and living. Living with my UK counter part for 12 weeks it has been a nice oppotunity to shapen my mindset and thing globaly, This updates my contest of learning and exposed me to different oppotunities after the programme. 

The impact my placement has had on me

Crossculture living and working exposed me to International and global thinking which made me to focus working with International Organisations. My placement exposed to with proposal wrinting where by i won 1500 GBP  to imprementing my project focusing on raising awareness on Sustainable Development Goals reaching 1077 students trained. 


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