My time volunteering

Half of January I started in Gulu, Uganda as a volunteer - entrepreneur specialist - for the YEEP project (Youth Employment Enhancement Project). This project is aimed at helping young people (aged 18-30 years) to find a job or start up their own business by mentoring and coaching them in entrepreneurship and (life) skills.

I am working with Randstad and I am thankful for the opportunity Randstad gives her employees to experience working and living in different culture, to share and gain knowlegde and to grow as a person. 

For more information and all my 'adventures', read my blog: Password is Gulu2019.

The impact of my placement

I am just half way my placement, so I hope to have more impact on the lives of the youth we are working with. Up to now, we have trained 500 youth in entrepreneurship and life skills. They underwent a three day training learning how to write a business plan, financial management and how to set up and maintain a business. We are now at the phase of mentoring and coaching them on their business plan and the start of their business. 

My unforgettable moments

There are already so many unforgettable moments and I am sure more will follow!

The moments I will remember are the small moments of amazement I have every day from all what is happening on the streets like all the boda boda's, to the difference in culture working with colleagues and to all the friendly and lovely Ugandan people.

Other moments that stay with me are, the visits to the youth from the earlier phase of the project. These young people have already been supported by VSO, now have a successful business and are living independent lives. It is incredibly inspiring to hear their stories including challenges and successes.
We made a booklet with success stories so more people can be inspired. 

Also working with micro enterprises in Gulu is unforgettable. Not only by working with them for training the youth, but also a couple have become good friends and introduced me with the Ugandan culture. 

The impact my placement has had on me

Of course I knew living and working in Uganda would be really different, but experiencing it is a completely different story. After over three months I am finally getting used to living here. The quality I train the most is patience. The pace is slower and not everything goes efficiently. On the other hand, people are so friendly, warm and always willing to help and guide you. I am looking forward to the coming months where I hope I can make a (small) contribution to the lives of the youth of my project by coaching them in entrepreneurship and by helping them to start up their own business. To see them grow, being successful in their business and to be able to provide for their own livelihood is really rewarding!



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