My time volunteering

The last couple of months I was sent as a volunteer by Randstad and VSO to support project Sahyog at NBJK, a local NGO in Jharkhand in India. The main objective of this project is that persons with disabilities in the rural areas of Jharkhand become more self-reliant and independent. By supporting them in getting government entitlements and pensions, they can enroll in skill training which can lead to job opportunities and entrepreneurship. My role as an employability coach was to support the community facilitators and project coordinators to achieve our objectives.

The impact of my placement

The main thing was delivering and creating movies and photo material. By writing case studies and success stories we made sure that the successes of the project will be kept. 

My unforgettable moments

The first field visit was very impressive, I was working by then like one week at the office. When we where at Ratu block there where multiple persons with disabilities invited to share their story and experience of project Sahyog with us. They were so empowered and they made an impact on how they presented themselves. Of course, I couldn't understand them very good, because they were talking in Hindi. But when I found out what they were saying I was even more impressed. It was very good to hear what kind of impact this project had on their lives.

The impact my placement has had on me

I am still at my placement, but I do think that this experience will change my life. I learned so much about myself, but also about project management and how to influence situations in a positive way. 


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