My time volunteering

I had the most amazing experience volunteering with VSO, in July 2018 I started working in Lindi region under EEVT (Enhancing employability through vocational training )  project. This project seeks to impact employability skills to  VETA students and to some extent to bring awareness about global issues such as SDGs to the community.

During three months of hardworking, I found myself in several activities that improve my abilities in different ways, as the project took us through ACDs (Active Citizen Days)   and CAD (Community  Action Days)  I learnt plenty of global issues that could enhance positive impacts to both personally and the community.

Gender inequality, Human rights, Women empowerment, Hygiene &Sanitation as well as Littering & Recycling are some of the global issues that this project get through. Organizing community events were the best way of delivering although some of the events were conducted among volunteers to enable them to learn and develop to be active citizens.

I had multiple roles and I was happy to step into each task to make changes and this was due to the nature of activities and VSO ways of facilitating that involves energizer, games, visual expression, and involvement methods. 

Facilitation in classes is the first role, where I was responsible for several subjects such as SDGs, career guidance life skills and English. I've been facilitating to fellow youth and  I could say the experience is real, students were active and free to express their ideas and this was also the tool to measure their perception, skills and the bridge to improve the facilitation skills.

My very second role was connecting and matching  VETA graduates with jobs, I did this with "Kazi connect office" making calls to graduates as to update and edit their CVs, connect them with employers, coaching them about the interview, record their current status and information. This work was interesting, it taught me to take initiative, to manage time, and to communicate effectively.

Also, I facilitated on life and work-based skills, interview as well as CV guidelines to short course students and people from outside VETA, this session aims to prepare the candidate for a job application, therefore I tried to make it more practical as to allow their mind the receive the real picture of the interview. Sometimes I had a class of older people (35-40)and I treated the situation as an advantage to learn from them.

Lucky enough, I supported the TLED project for a few days, making calls to small entrepreneurs reminding them to complete their business grant proposal before the deadline as well as updating information of these candidates. It was nice working with TLED  because it taught me new things that I could never imagine.


The impact of my placement

The big impact on the project is what I delivered to the community of Lindi, that  I've accomplished the aims of the projects. The fact that I spent three months doing all tasks associated with the project as the part to accomplish this project, I did KAP surveys to measure the knowledge before and after the facilitation and the results can prove the impact of my doings.


My unforgettable moments

Supporting six graduates to get an internship opportunity at Cassava company  is the best memory I have ever had. My commitment, hard working together with  great supervision from Kazi Connect staffs I managed to do a job connection and it was an unforgettable moment throughout my placement.

At this office, we always work to meet the objectives and at the same time it was not easy to put graduates into employment, the majority of students are poor in English taking into account that most of the interview is conducted in English. This is the reason I consider this situation as the best memory. 

The impact my placement has had on me

I only spent three months in my placement but without my knowledge, I  have  created the impact that will last  forever,

  • VSO has taught me how to be an active citizen.
  • It has provided me with skills that stimulate my confidence to stand out and act.
  • VSO is the only organization that opened my eyes and shows me the way to my career.
  • Due to VSO experience, I have become curious to learn from other nationalities, their culture, technology and the ways of work.
  • It has also taught me to value time and the way ages relate with life progress.


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