My time volunteering


I applied with VSO/ICS unsure of what project i would like to work on and where i would like to be placed but with a passion to volunteer and make a difference. After the assessment day i had been accepted and was offered a 10 week placement starting in September 2018- December 2018 in Tanzania, with a brief title of the project being Livelihood.

The project that I worked on during my placement was EEVT- which aims to improves the employability of the youth in Tanzania. I was based in Mtwara facilitating English and life skills at Motassori teachers collage, Shangani secondary school.

I was within a great working team with Tanzanian volunteers which I experienced cross cultural working and we were all had different ideas on activities, work ethics and also passions within the work we was doing but this is what made our team so great!

The project as a wholes aim is to work towards the countries sustainable developmental goals, which we worked towards and made awareness through community action days. 

We each were separated into small groups and each chose a topic that we are passionate about and would arrange a day that we would educate the community to our best ability on how they can achieve these goals and what is currently effecting them from not being met.



The impact of my placement

I feel that my volunteering placement/project benefited the students and pupils that I worked with confidence, in not only their spoken English but within themselves and what they can achieve in the future. In my working teams first facilitating session we gave each pupil and student a post it note and asked them to write what they would like to gain from our sessions and we planned our sessions based on this.

When facilitating at Montassori teachers college we focused more on CV writing, cover letters and how to sell them selves in an interview. From our first session to our last their improvements were amazing, the CV's that they completed within a session we wrote feed back and gave them back to the students so that they have a template to follow. 

My unforgettable moments

My best memory would definitely be my last session at the secondary school when all the students sang me and my working team a song, "we shall never forget you" and all the beautiful thank you messages from the students.

The impact my placement has had on me

My volunteering experience brought out a more self confident side of myself and helped me to work towards my career goals as a teacher. I feel i am so much more appreciative of all that i have and have much more of an open mind. 

I have gained many amazing friends through my experience and memories that will last a life time.



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