My time volunteering

I volunteered in Tanzania for an 8 month period divided between 2 projects. Both projects were Livelihood projects -EEVT II and VNA II - aiming to improve the employability of local youth.  I worked as a Career Service/Guidance Advisor and partially Private Sector Engagement Advisor. My roles entailed working with partner schools and providing employability and soft skill sessions to group of students and also one to one coaching, working with local counterparts -tutors - to build up a sustainable system whereby they could confidently provide career guidance to their students. At the same time I worked with the private sector to promote the talent graduating from the partner schools and identifying internship and job opportunities for them. The objective of the projects were to help students into jobs and prepare them for the job market, essentially improving the livelihoods.

The impact of my placement

During EEVT

- At the closing phase of the EEVT II project I have contributed to meeting the number one milestone of placing 130+ VETA students to job opportunities

-Provided group and individual coaching sessions in cv writing, interview techniques, job readiness for over a 100 students

During VNA

- Co-facilitated the My World of Work training material to 10 tutors in and 8 day course, in particular focusing on “Discover your talent”, “Discover your world of work” and “Discover your business” modules. I am proud to have given new teaching strategies and employability knowledge to the tutors and have built strong partnership with them. Following the training I have supported the most motivated counterparts in running sessions together to gain more confidence and ensure sustainability.  We have reached over a hundred students together who as a result are more confident and hopfully motivated to take their future in their hand.

-Visited over 20 companies in the Stone Town area and contibuted to identifying internships

- Ran an employability workshop at the Zanzibar Career Fair 2019 to primary actors, contibuted with inviting companies and the promotion of the event  where 26 companies and over 500 students were present

-Participated in the World Café at the VSO Tanzania Annual Conference as workshop facilitator for goal setting topic

- Delivered an educational session about HIV at the a gender equality event “Girls are not boys’ subordinates, they are equal partners”

-Photographed the VNA Enterpreneurship event at KIST

My unforgettable moments

It's a taugh question, there are so many:) 

In terms of work it was training tutors in an 8 session training and seeing the growing trust towards us and their personal development. Receiving some feedback like  "I have a diamond in my pocket now" or "you gave me a way to climb the benefit". 


The impact my placement has had on me

I am more confident in my abilities and less afraid to embrace myself and use my ideas and creativity. I think it also helped me to stop procrastination and be more effective as I learned that life is short and I have no time to waste.  I would like to keep being involved in projects that promote social and environmental change. 

Mkokotoni Vocational College, VETA Mtwara


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