My time volunteering

I supported a local youth-led NGO called PAJER as organisation development advisor. In this placement I worked with the young team of PAJER on several organisational improvements and trained the staff on several topics such as project management, internal communications and proposal development.

The impact of my placement

I think some direct colleagues have gained new skills after working with me which they hopefully now apply in their own careers. This could for instance be them being more successful in fundraising for their organisations because they are better equipped to draft funding proposals.

My unforgettable moments

It was very rewarding to work closely with colleagues and see them using new skills after coaching and training I had done with them. I remember visiting a remote field office in Rwanda for the first time and seeing the planning flip charts on the wall which I had taught them to make some months earlier. Seeing those being used was very nice.

The impact my placement has had on me

Doing my VSO placements was a confirmation for me that I wanted to continue my career in international development. It truly broadened my horizon and living and working in similar conditions as local people was very rewarding.  Last but not least it gave me an international network of friends and (former) colleagues.


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