My time volunteering

I was an IT trainer in Tanzania and had an opportunity to train staff at a library in Kibaya the setting up, installation and use of computers for the local students and residents of the town of Kibaya.

Myself and a local teacher created a beginning course for use of Open Office applications to create spreadsheets, word documents and presentations. 

The impact of my placement

Students from all surrounding schools were allowed to book class time to learn the use of computers.
Local residents were allowed to attend night courses at the community center to learn computer skills.

My unforgettable moments

A local security guard who spoke no English assisted with the assembly of the computers and set up of the lab. He was a prodigy with computer components and was by far the quickest study in the trouble shooting and repair of hardware issues.

The impact my placement has had on me

I have learned so much from my volunteer time abroad, I worked all over Tanzania for a year in Health, Education and Livelihood programs but this one project is the one that makes me happiest, knowing the people of a tiny town in the middle of Tanzania are benefiting from this.

Kibaya Community Center


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