My time volunteering

I was in New Delhi from March 2009-Feb 2012 working for the National Trust, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. One of my goals was to travel the entire Country which I was able to do through my assignment which was delivering capacity building workshops.  We worked with 900 NGOs throughout the Country.  

The impact of my placement

Because I was accepted by the staff and especially the CEO and Head Civil Society person I was put in charge of a disability awareness raising campaign called Badhte Kadam or stepping forward.  (This Campaign continues today).  This started out as a somewhat small campaign and eventually was conducted throughout all of India.  A great song was written and performed and NGOs throughout the Country were involved.  It was really an amazing experience!

My unforgettable moments

I lived with a joint family which was really special.  There were a number of children and I had the opportunity to watch them grow up.  I had a huge flat on the third floor enough to have a small basketball hoop.  All of the children would come up on a regular basis and ask me for food which their family didn't serve.  I remember giving a box of juice to one of the children for her birthday.  She apparently drank the entire thing at one time and I was told she peed all over her bed.  

I was accepted by this family as one of theirs and they took care of me even when I got sick.  I felt so at home with them.


The impact my placement has had on me

While volunteering with the National Trust I also coached able bodied basketball at the New Delhi YMCA.  However in November 2011 collaborating with the NGO Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide I coordinated a wheelchair basketball project.  Sports wheelchairs were brought to India by my friends from WAW and we conducted a clinic at Amar Jyoti  The incredible thing was that Aamir Khan was also there filming a TV Show  This started me on the road to coaching wheelchair basketball.  I then went on to Nepal and coached the Army Wheelchair Basketball Team.  

My current job is at Bridge II Sports working with persons with disability around sports.  I'm coaching a youth wheelchair basketball team and am in charge of a school program, EveryBODYPlaysNC.  Our goal is to bring adapted sports to every County in North Carolina.  We will be the first State in the US to do this

New Delhi, India

New Delhi

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