My time volunteering

During my time in Rampal, Bangladesh I was part of the Governance team where our main aim was to improve links between the local government and local community and in doing so increase awareness of the services the government can provide. 

The impact of my placement

I think the main impact of the governance team was to really raise awareness of the National Helpline number for women and children, 109, which was not known by many of the community prior to our engagement with them. This helpline is a really important service provided and raising awareness of it by running school and courtyard sessions about it and the kind of calls it receives and our sticker campaign will hopefully really aid in ensuring women and children speak out when going through challenging times. 

My unforgettable moments

Some of the highlights of my experience volunteering in Bangladesh have to be the hilarious moments in our host family who became like real family to us (despite our limited knowledge of Bangla!) and just spending everyday with such an amazing and mixed group of volunteers. 

The impact my placement has had on me

Volunteering with VSO has really encouraged me to pursue a career in this field as I loved the experience of being immersed in a new culture and working in a team of people of different nationalities and backgrounds. My time in Bangladesh has also further encouraged me to become a more active citizen in the UK and I hope to participate in more volunteering opportunities in the near future. 



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