My time volunteering

I volunteered at a local NGO, Advocate+, an advocacy and development agency that strives to advocate, empower and improve the socio-economic status of marginalized people, especially those in underserved communities in post-conflict Sierra Leone. The organization is dedicated to promoting and protecting the social rights of the most vulnerable people, especially women and children, through grassroots action, income generating enterprises, entrepreneurship and education.

I worked on a project named the 3Es – Empower Educate Esteem- Development Through Sport. The project aims to support young female football players to gain leadership, life skills and complete their secondary school education. The main project activities included: establishment of a Girls Soccer League, promotion of positive encouragement through training of coaches, pairing team leaders with mentors in their community, training in leadership and life skills development, sexual and reproductive health education and supporting girls to stay in school by providing tutoring for academic support and secondary school scholarships for exceptional participants.

The impact of my placement

The NGO was short staffed and was struggling to meet the demands of the projects and all its elements. We were there to help support the work, and throughout, advocated for equality and representation from all areas of the community.

My unforgettable moments

Organising an event to celebrate the Day of the African Child where I encouraged the children from the local care home who were blind that they too could participate in the activities, and we have a blind and visually impaired race during the games.

The impact my placement has had on me

Through my experience volunteering overseas, working in development, I managed to gain employment at VSO and through that, help other young people to challenge themselves and change their world.

Sierra Leone

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