My time volunteering

Papua New Guinea Sept 1970-December 1971. I was posted to the Catholic Mission at Alexishafen in Madang  District from where I was  sent first  to Giri Mission for 4 months which was deep in the bush and could only be reached by Unimog in the dry and horseback in the wet. Then onto Manam Island, Beieng Mission for a month, which was a volcanic island  off Bogia, complete with plumes of smoke and ash before being  sent to Malala High School along the mainland coast with  other qualified teacher volunteers. All were within the Bogia sub district of Madang.

At my first post I was designated Headteacher  and my career never reached such dizzy heights again! Challenges arose and one discovered attributes in oneself that one never thought possible. It made one adaptable and resourceful, elements that one could and did draw on in future years. VSO was not a career  but a foundation of one.

The impact of my placement

 Education had come late to many starting  only in their teenage years. It gave them an opportunity and for me to be part of it.

My unforgettable moments

A 7.3 earthquake. 

The long lonely walk to the loo with an enormous spider on the door.

The entire school singing in total harmony.

The impact my placement has had on me

Every challenge could be confronted and overcome.

Giri, Being, Malala Bogia District

Papua New Guinea

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