My time volunteering

I was part of the Tanzania Local Enterprise Development ICS team. To say that I had the best team members would be a great understatement. The team was the pioneers in the placement and we set a stable foundation for the coming cycles. We became one inter-cultural family bound by the memories we had.

The impact of my placement

We were able to create awareness on SDGs and the importance of goal setting to students aged 13 - 19. From our end of placement assessment, the students could tell what their life goals were and knew what steps to take in achieving them. They also could tell what SDGs they were passionate about and how they could contribute. One student was so passionate about gender equality that she set her goal to become a lawyer and fight for women's rights. The students also gained confidence and presentation skills which are very useful life skills.

We also worked with small and medium entrepreneurs from Iringa as Business development is one way of eradicating poverty in the world. We did branding and financial recording training of the SMEs. They were grateful as they were now able to move their business to the next level and employ others hence providing decent work to the community.

My unforgettable moments

The most fulfilling part of my placement was walking into the classrooms and seeing the excitement in the students' eyes. It is a one of a kind feeling, the kind that makes my heart overflow with emotions. I don't think I have ever felt that fulfilled ever. Wow, I am almost shedding tears. That feeling can only be felt and no word can describe it. There is nothing more satisfying emotion than knowing you touched someone's life.

The impact my placement has had on me

I am now more passionate about empowering young girls to come out of their cocoon. That they too can do it. Currently, I am teaching life skills to 13-year-olds before they join secondary school. I want to build a strong foundation for them so that they are able to stay focused. The ICS journey has also kickstarted my community development journey.



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