My time volunteering

  • As ICS volunteer I supported a¬†project called¬† EEVT(Enhacing Employability through vocational training) aims to improve the employability of young people¬† in Mtwara and Lindi, focusing to the growing number on demand¬† of skilled labor in the gas industries and related services¬† due to the exploration activities of gas company in the area, The demand¬†of skilled Labor is growing while the number of employees directly needed¬† in gas operations is Limited. For this reason VSO¬† partnership with VETA Mtwara as a government¬† Technical training institution, training VETA students and indigenous people to acquire skills and potentials to attract gas companies for employment opportunities.¬† ICS volunteer¬† roles:
  • Peer Education :volunteer facilitate on communication skills ie CV writing, cover letters, interview skills, life skills and carrier path¬†
  • Peer to peer training :Facilitate and teach English Language and public confidence, and organizing English debates sessions to make it more pratical Learning¬†
  • Awareness raising: Raising awareness on the project, entrepreneurship activities and sustainable development goalsūüĆć
  • Women empowerment :Engaging women in economic activities teach business startup ,self entreprenurship and encouraging youth economic clubs.ūüí™ūüí™
  • Planning, organizing public community events in raising awareness on Life skills and global affairs.¬†

The impact of my placement

  • 50% of young people have been employed to gas companies as electricians ,maintenance officers¬†¬†Motorvehicle engineers
  • The public events organized through the volunteering journey has brought good networking and relationships such that youth clubs have been established to support each other in economic activities such as agriculture ,cottage industries and entrepreneurship¬†
  • More youth economic centres have been produced to engage more youth in self entreprenurship and eleviate poverty.¬†

My unforgettable moments

The most unforgettable moments is when I and my team, work as team in organizing public events and social activities these moments brought Laughter, sharing ideas ,crazy moments together 

  • I also enjoyed facilitating it has¬†¬†brought joy knowing that your doing something positive to the community¬†
  • Not forgetting amazing moment with my counterpart UK-Volunteer Rebbecca¬†Beard more we shared a lot in common (Food, music, reading books)¬† teasing moments always out there with a big¬†smile on¬†our facesūüė䬆
  • That big smile from students when they have understood and give positive feedback.¬†

The impact my placement has had on me

After my volunteer experience I gained passionate to make a positive change in the community and make an impact,

I took this passion back to my home society  where, there was a notorious problems of rape and sexual assault young women had no freedom to go to school fearing rape incidents.

I raised my voice and run a project called "Kengeleya Binti", training and raising awareness in Genderbasedviolence(GBV) to secondary school youth. But also¬† raise awareness and summoning 3 community gathering engaging¬† community¬† Leaders, police officers and community members, takling for solution on ending rape incidents in the community, Good enough¬† about 99% of community members supported the project and supported to imprison rapist and give immediately report to any violence within our community¬† ¬†to the police station and 99% of rape incidents have decreased and young women are free to move around¬†and go to school without¬† fear.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†# anything is possible#ūüí™ girl power

VETA Mtwara, Mtwara, Tanzania


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