My time volunteering

I volunteered with VSO-ICS program In Zanzibar Tanzania for 10 weeks from July-September 2018,  this was my first volunteering experience and a good thing is when i had the chance i felt that omg this is amazing, i was working on the project called VNA (Vijana Na Ajira) which means "youths and Employment" in Zanzibar because it is considered one of the place with the highest rate of unemployment in Tanzania that is why VNA is in Zanzibar.

As a youth volunteer my role were to facilitate on the employability skills among youths in Zanzibar as in colleges and youth groups/platforms, the employability skills that i was dealing with were like Communication skills,Entrepreneurship skills, CV & Cover letter writting,Application Interviews among others. Also I was facilitating on the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) among youths in the community through Community Action Days (CADs) and among ourselves through ACDs

As youth volunteers through teamwork we're responsible with organizing Community Action Days which are very important as they promote awareness on different issues etc.

The impact of my placement

My volunteering placement have a very great impact on the project because as youth who devoted my energy,knowledge and skills i act as one the people who inspire other youths to volunteer and do the same, not only that but also i shared those skills,knowledge and energy on the project which make it alive and make on others.

Also my volunteering placement have a great impact on the people benefiting from that work as  i was able to contribute on the employability skills among youths in Zanzibar and make them Active citizens and also through those skills some of the youths were able to make their own CV which is going to help them get the job.

My unforgettable moments

My best memory or unforgettable moments is my life in a Host home with my counterpart as i've thought that one day i could live with someone from a very different culture in the same room as at first i didn't think that's gonna be easy but i came to realize that i had one of the best counterpart and he's funny and always teaching different things,making stories whoah that's amazing. But also being with the best host family who were always there for us and took a good care of us omg i can't forget that.

The impact my placement has had on me

After my volunteering experience now i've come to think that volunteering is one of the best ways to make changes in the society,so now i'm thinking of doing whatever i can to make sure that i make a positive impact in the society


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