My time volunteering

I work in Randstad in France. I stayed 3 months in Gulu in Uganda. I was involved in a project called YEEP, Youth Employment Enhancement Project. The aim of this project is to improve the employability of the Youth in the municipality.

First, with the project team, we met local leaders to explain the project and we selected the youth according to criteria. We mobilized them to participate in entrepreneurship training. They learned how to start their own business and how to create a business plan.

I also met various micro-enterprises that could train the youth in skills trainings such as poultry, tailoring, catering, driving...I have identified their needs and how VSO could support them in return.

My blog:

The impact of my placement

It's difficult to see an immediate impact of my work, but all the youth who followed the entrepreneurship training, now have more skills and have the opportunity to be supported by VSO. They have the opportunity to create their own business and to improve their life.

My unforgettable moments

My best memory is the visit of a youth who started his own company. His name is Isaac, he has a carpentry shop. He is very proud of his work and his company is running well, thanks in part to the support of VSO. For me, he is a good person, with good values and can inspire other youth in Gulu.

The impact my placement has had on me

My volunteer experience allowed me to discover a new culture and open my mind in different way to work. Now, I feel more open to others and I want to discover more about Africa. I have learned to adapt and to be resilient and patient.


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