My time volunteering

Volunteering as ICS in Lindi Region was a great experience of life, where we were working  with the project called EEVT(Enhancing Employability and Vocational Training) Together Tanzania youth Volunteer and UK youth volunteer taught  Young people in Lindi Region the soft employability skills including CV writing and basic Interview skills, but also we used our time in Lindi raising awareness on 17 sustainable Development goals, we also worked in a project called KAZI CONNECT(JOB CONNECT), and helped young people get Job from different companies in Lindi Regions, during the time of my placement I was among the Media team member  and did a lot on social media as campaigning the activities that we were doing in Lindi Region.

The impact of my placement

Through conducting three Community Action Days with the topics Littering and Recycling, Sustainable Development Goals and last was Human Right and women Empowerment, they were conducted in VETA college, Lindi Secondary School and Mkonge secondary school respectively, helped to raise awareness on the community on different global issues and together worked in generating solutions that  could work locally, but also conducting two forums one was on sexual Health which helped to raise awareness on sexual and reproductive health rights to young people including accessibility to contraception and general prevention of sexually transmitted infection including HIV, the second forum covered unemployment topic and helped to raise awareness on the TANZANIA YOUTH POLICIES that supports reduction of unemployment problem to young people, young people also benefitted how to write CV  and understood the key interview skills.

My unforgettable moments

The sexual health forum Is among my biggest memory, that was very interactive forum and young people asked questions openly on sexual and reproductive health issues, another unforgettable moment was the International Youth day were we gathered together with other youth groups in Lindi Region and cleaned the Lindi Regional Hospital, and lastly was our first Community action day were I was the chairperson of the event and it was the first community event we did and went very successfully.

The impact my placement has had on me

Volunteering as ICS in VSO has really helped me to improve my skills, including my Public speaking skills, My English language both speaking and writing,working cross-culturally, and most important I learnt how to write event proposals and reports, also how to control budgets, and this year I have been selected as youth speaker in the International Conference of Family Planning in Rwanda November 2018, I hope to well use my skills In the conference and the future.


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