My time volunteering

I volunteered as an ICS in Kamachumu Village. It was the third cycle since the project started. The supervisors by then were Aive Festo (Tanzanian) and Sara (UK), they were the best Supervisors i can say.

Our Team was contributing on VSO's Health, Youth and Livelihood programs. The mode of implementing was through three groups which were created among ourselves. The team split into three sub teams which were; Health team, Youth Team and Livelihood team. 

Luckily, I was in Health team and our roles were;

  • Raising awareness to the community teenagers about Sexual Reproductive Health. This was done through preparing Health Magazine and flyers as well as through sports and games.
  • Raising awareness to the Community mothers on Importance of having healthy meals to themselves and their babies i.e. Balanced diet.
  • Conducting Health training to the Village Health Workers on health issues.
  • Conducting training to people living with HIV/AIDs and supporting them in different economic activities such as, starting small business.
  • Conducting survey on the use of mosquito nets, balanced diet, hygiene and on sexual reproductive Health in different House holds. 

The impact of my placement

The best time to measure the impact of the activities done five years ago is now. Impact so are; 

  1. Improve lives of the community members, for example the village is blessed with varieties of food such as (fruits, vegetables, cereals etc) which they produced by themselves, through healthy meal training to mother and babies which was conducted to the community and during clinic visit for children under five, the mothers practice the best way of having balanced diet to themselves (as breast feeding mothers) and their children. This improved their health conditions, lives and reduced the maternal and mortality rate in the village.
  2.  Through Sexual Reproductive Health awareness raised and survey conducted, it shows that; safe sex is practiced, people dare go and have HIV/AIDs test which decreases the new infections to new people, this resulted to economy growth and reduced death of the youth whom are important people in the society for development.
  3. The Survey results were shared with the village leaders and the hospitals on how to find way to tackle the problem. Hence reduce the death and improve the lives of people in Kamachumu in general.


These are the biggest impact which at the end they contribute to the world Sustainable Development Goals.

My unforgettable moments

The best moments I had in Kamachumu is staying at the host home. It was tough at first to live with new people, in new area, but what I can not forget is how we managed to live together for all three months in one house as my host home had people of different cultural background i.e. Arabs (Host family), Tanzanian (Me), and Nigerian (UK Volunteer) who has been raised in UK. I was thinking how will I be able to cope with this family I am going to live with.

The interesting thing is at the end of the day, we became one Family and we managed to live together as one. I came out with the lesson that, we should treat everyone equal, no matter where you come from, what your background is.

Though there are a lot to remember, but this is among them.

......................................ICS TAUGHT ME ABOUT SOCIAL INCLUSION.................

The impact my placement has had on me

Volunteering impacted my life in different ways; after volunteering with ICS, I successfully got job with VSO where I am working untill present. Before volunteering, I had no confidence to speak in public but, with ICS I developed confidence and ICS made me to be who I am today.

Kamachumu Dispensary


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