My time volunteering

I started volunteering in zanzibar on september 2017 on youth and employment project .During that time i was teaching youth groups ,youth platforms and colleges on how to better write their cv's ready for employment searching and also providing ebtrepreneurship skills to the youth so as they could employ themselves .

This was the best time of my life where i had to share skills that i have as a graduate to the society and at the end of cycle i was able to educate more than 400 youth and many promised to go their society and get to do something as part of ab activity that will generate them an income.

The impact of my placement

A lot of youth knew better how to write cv ,how to attend an interview how to best answer interview questions ,which before they never knew ,also after teaching them entrepreneurship skills ,there were youth who formed a group and started their computer and repair shop immediately which to me was a great accomplishment.

Youth knew the sustainable development goals and they were able to clean the beaches and many public gardens together with putting dustbins around schools to keep the environment neat and tidy.

My unforgettable moments

My best memory during that time is  planning  an event that will envolve the community and i planned an event of cleaning the darajani market and a session at vikokotoni secondary school and i was able to bring more than 300 people ,government officials ,media coverage who together we were able to clean the market area succesfully and had a two hours session with the community and gave out ckeaning tools to the secondary school

The impact my placement has had on me

After my time ended up ,volunteering became my hobby helping the community and sharing my skills has been what i have wanted and i have impacted my community and youth a lot and as now i iam the NORTHERN REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE NATIONAL YOUTH ENLIGHTMENT NETWORK (NYEN) which aims at helping youth to create a an enterprise as a group and being supported with a startup capital .




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