My time volunteering

I arrived in Sierra Leone in 1983 as an untrained English teacher. It was the frist time I had been on a plane, in fact I hadn't been further than France by ferry. I still remember the heat and the smell of the tropics as we got off the plane

The impact of my placement

I went back to the school where I worked for the first time in 2016. They had a big ceremony with speeches and singing from the kids. Quite a few people still remembered me and one of my ex students was an inspector of schools

My unforgettable moments

Friends is one thing - one of the other VSOs I met at that time now lives and works in Sierra leone so it really had an impact on al of us. i also remember trying to teach Shakespeare and get myself understoood - quite a challenge to get Julius Caesa over in a class of over 60 students.

The impact my placement has had on me

It's what I've done ever since. I went back to Sierra Leone  in 2015 after Ebola as DFID's senor education adviser.

Yonibana Secondary School

Sierra Leone

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