My time volunteering

Recruitment Fair

I supported the people team in Dar es salaam Head office. Recruiting the right people for the right roles in the right locations. Supporting the Hr team to ensure all aspects were done in the right way. Building important long lasting relationships with the project managers and beyond in each of the project locations across Tanzania. Supporting international and national volunteers along their journey in country. Great support and upskill of skills within the team. Visiting SMES understanding where our professional skills would help the community and the team. Using recruitment tools for students and creativity value around the aptitude for learning!

The impact of my placement

Upon leaving tanzania that for me showed my real value. Thinking I could go over and change the world as a ‘new volunteer’ thinks. It was actually the small incremental changes that made a difference. Taking the time to listen to others and their opinions on social inclusion. How they could further their careers, looking at streamlining the recruitment process and making it way more personalized. This was important. Being the social butterfly as I am to bring the office and community together- international and national volunteers on a mutual understanding that we are here for the same reason and that is to improve, look for opportunity and drive our passion for what we do forward to really make a difference. Even with just a smile... or a laugh- and how the Tanzanian people loved to laugh- my favourite thing!!!! As above I strengthened relationships with project managers and identified within the recruitment process where we could refine our process but also ask those important questions, that was not being asked being assertive and explain how it could support others by doing so 

The Beautiful Team


My unforgettable moments

Sunsets I have sooo many memories from tanzania. Too many photographs- any more please ask!! I made a promise to myself that my first objective was to make friends. As simple as this is this is what I done. In every office, project, in my apartment building, on travels, In the community. I ensured every Friday when my volunteer work finished I would travel anywhere I could go explore Tanzania as someone living here the beautiful landscape, culture, traditions. I feel I explored it all. Ask anyone! Doing safari was an absolute highlight! In all national parks in tanzania including novel ngoro, the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti back here. I absolutely made the most of my experience. Riding from piki piki, to animals, to boat, tiny wooden boats to planes to waking miles upon miles. My whole experience was amazing and I loved every minute. In addition to the country itself, the people are amazing so friendly and very welcoming. I would always be able to have a good chat with anyone. Smiles all round 

The impact my placement has had on me

Travel for workVolunteering through a randstad has gave me first and foremost more confidence in understanding my ability as a professional (inside and outside work) to do my job, be sociable with people and challenge myself in weird and wondersful situations. I have more clarity and time. And how important this is. Working in a target driven environment can be intense, which I love don’t get me wrong, however it is just as important to reflect too. I have made friends for life there and every time there is a social gathering or ( a Newcastle united match) I will always get a text or a FaceTime wishing i was there! My experience was invaluable and o would not change it for the world. It has made me appreciate the processes we have here at Randstad and the opportunity we have. Not taking this for granted. Social inclusion- what we feel is the norm- freedom of speech- this was not possible there. I can relay all of these concerns back to my team but in addition it shows whatpact ramdstad can have. In the recruitment fair small skills eg writing you Cv and selling it. They didn’t understand it made think of a clearer way of explaining. Learning skills, preferences and adapting. It makes me question everything to understand the right approach for all different types of people all at different stages which is perfect for my job. I am proud to be the first Uk volunteer through randstd VSO partnership


Slipway towers

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