My time volunteering

During my time in Rampal, Bangladesh I was part of the livelihood team where my aim and my groups aim was business management and entrepreneurships, meaning it was our job to select two entrepreneurs for street food and beauty. We did not all have specific roles within my group as it was our jobs to work together as one to help complete this project by the end of our placement. Whilst we was working on this project to be able to go on board with the task ahead we had to organise training for both street food and beauty spa.

The impact of my placement

I think the main impact of the livelihood team was to really raise self employment and business rates within my community so youths can be able to experience what its like to run a business by themselves, and to have a sense of self pride and self motivation that they can really earn a living from skills they have been taught. This will benefit every single youth club member as more of the next generation will start to be able to run their own businesses and earn money themselves which will  help them strongly  and their families. 

My unforgettable moments

The most unforgettable memory I have is how much of a strong bond a connection I formed with my host family and ICV counterpart and the community, also I have realised in so little time you can click with people within two months and the memories and journeys you can have with each other and how small little things can make a huge positive impact in a beautiful country. 

The impact my placement has had on me

I relized that the experiences in Rampal had changed my life. I have started to give back to the community, but the community has given me back something to a new perception on life. I have closer connection to my local community. 

Rampal Upazila, Bangladesh

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