My time volunteering

I was part of a team in Kitgum, North Uganda. We were on placement for 10 weeks and our project was based around the theme of livelihoods. We conducted a variety of activities including debates, quizzes, community dialogues, sports days and a careers fair. We all worked together as a team of 20, 10 from the UK and 10 from Uganda to promote the sustainable development goals within the community.

The impact of my placement

The community were very welcoming as they had benefitted from previous cycles work, they particularly appreciated the work we did on our community action days where we promoted the community to work together to ensure sustainable development in the future. For example, we gathered community members to help clear the compound of an elderly man in a remote area, this promoted them to work together to help the most vunerable people within their community.

My unforgettable moments

Living in a host home as part of a Ugandan family was a new adventure everyday- especially with two toddlers always causing trouble. The community spirit is something I will never forget. 

The best moment on placement was participating in a netball match for a sports day we were running focused around the SDGs, it was amazing to see the universal language of sport.

The impact my placement has had on me

I have only recently been home, but I can already feel the positive effects of my placement. My confidence has improved more than anything else, I have been able to give talks to large groups which is something I never thought I would be able to do! The experienced has opened my eyes to the world which is something I hope to continue as I begin my degree.



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