My time volunteering

Stationed in Kumasi (then a city of 400,000) as a Lecturer in Plant Engineering and Maintenance at Kumasi Polytechnic.

The impact of my placement

Very hard work in the first year as I had to develop almost from scratch over 20 hrs of course material per week. Great students with a tremendous will to learn. They deserved the good results they achieved over the 2 years.

My unforgettable moments

* Taxi ride from the airport to central Kumasi - jaw dropping images of a totally different world.
* Living at an old colonial house on Neeme Avenue with Kofi the houseboy, Jim another VSO, John a CUSO, and Pat a Peace Corps.
* From 1 and up to 40 house guests some nights (other volunteers)  staying at our place on the road to somewhere.

The impact my placement has had on me

My VSO time set me up for a life of British aid work in Fiji 6 years, Malaysia, Thailand, and CRown Agents courses in the UK.

Kumasi Polytechnic

Neeme Avenue

6.6666004, -1.6162709