My time volunteering

As a youth National Volunteer in VSO Bangladesh NCS project I have got the chance to serve the peoples for my own country. As a volunteer my role to contributes my self with my Volunteer team in the field of Social Accountability.

Events on 21st Feb, International Mother Language Day
International Mother language Day.   


The impact of my placement

Baseline survey
Baseline Survey

On the VSO Bangladesh NCS project I discovered myself when I meet with the other community peoples. We the peoples of Bangladesh live in the same country but the interesting matter is we used same language Bangla but the tone of voice and pronunciations are very different from each region to other region and cultural differences. 

So I can exchange and share our own culture with community peoples. I learn from them and they also learn from me. 


My unforgettable moments

As a youth Volunteer in VSO Bangladesh NCS project there have many unforgettable moments and may be some awesome moments also would waiting for me. 

But the only unforgettable moments of my life when I see the smiling face of poor children even without food with old damaged clothes but they play with each others with happiness.

Rural children's  are  Playing bangla words "Ranna Bati" means Family Cooking.
Rural Children’s are playing "Ranna Bati" Cooking for their Family.


Rural Children's are played in Bangla called " Ranna Bati" that means Cooking for the Family.
Smiling face. 

I feel inner peace to staying with them. 


The impact my placement has had on me

Now I feel more more happy then before. Because now I learn the meaning of life. When I observed and realised that I have many things which others needs.

So I learned how to sacrifice for the peoples for the others for the society

A rural autistic children Shoot run for six in cricket game.
Smile for life.   


Mithapukur, Rangpur.

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