My time volunteering

I was teaching at Marymount Girls’ Secondary School in Mzuzu as a cadet volunteer from 1968-69. I loved teaching there and the experience set me on a career path that has been full of wonderfully rich and diverse experiences.

All these years later I have so many memories - the nuns hitching up their white habits round their knees to run through the rain, the girls arriving at the beginning of each term with their belongings piled high on their heads, the vibrant market in Mzuzu, the weekly Dakota landing on the dirt strip (weather permitting) bringing bread, milk and the mail, the horrendous journey to Blantyre in the wet season, but above all the warmth, gratitude, love of learning and the sheer joy of being at school for the girls who had so little in the way of possessions but so much to give. Truly life-changing and never to be forgotten. 



Marymount Girls’ Secondary School, Mzuzu


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