My time volunteering

I was a Team Leader so I managed a team of 9 UK and Khmer volunteers as they supported local entrepreneurs with their business skills. We worked with a small tailoring shop, a chicken farmer, and a solar powered business among others.

The impact of my placement

I hope through our work, some of the local business were better able to manage their expenses and cashflow. We also supported with graphic design and marketing materials to help bring in customers and raise the profile of small businesses in the province where we worked.

My unforgettable moments

It’s not just one memory, but I’ll always remember the sunrise and sunset bike rides that took us near the Mekong river.

The impact my placement has had on me

Volunteering really made me see myself as capable of dealing with complex situations. It showed me a different country and a different approach to doing things and it gave me much needed perspective. IT also taught me not to take myself or stress too seriously.


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