My time volunteering

I was part of a team of volunteers that travelled to Nandi county, Kenya to promote disability inclusion in education. The team was made up of volunteers from both UK and Kenya and the team included deaf people.  The team was divided up into smaller groups and each were assigned a work placement. We conducted activities such as presentations, community dialogues, training sessions and teaching. 

The impact of my placement

I was assigned kapsabet school for the deaf as my work placement. My role there was to teach classes, participate in sports and giving talks to the students. I could see the talks I and the other volunteers gave to the students were getting the students interest and talking to them I got the impression that our talks inspired them to stay in education and that all should be included.

My unforgettable moments

Its difficult to decide which is my best memory in my VSO experience, but some highlights were living in my host home, learning Kenyan sign language , camping in Nakuru and teaching PE in my work placement.

The impact my placement has had on me

My time volunteering in Kenya has let me experience living in a different culture which I will never forget. I have also gained a greater understanding on the importance of disability inclusion. I also learnt to be resilient in tough situations, as over half of the volunteers from UK left in the first two weeks of arriving on placement, but I overcame the challenges faced with my resilience and stayed to the end of the placement and had the time of my life.

Kapsabet school fo the deaf

PO box 377 Kapsabet girls path

0.202957, 35.0978385