My time volunteering

Being part of a group of 14 people we have been tasked to look into various aspects of smallholder farmers business – the way they grow, harvest and sell their crops, their access to information (good agricultural practices), quality input (seeds and chemistry) and potential partner on the buying side.

The impact of my placement

With our recommendations we will hopefully further improve the economic situation of many farmer families. Farmer need to be able to generate some savings to resist potential weather disasters or climatic changes.  Increased usage of machinery will help to overcome the lack of helping hands for the manual work. Better access to quality crop protection products will help to overcome pest and insect pressure in the fields.

My unforgettable moments

For me most impressive has been the contact with the young people in Bangladesh – their desire to improve situation for themselves and for their families, their requests for training and for access to know-how as well as their trust and confidence in really changing the situation to the better.

The impact my placement has had on me

As a farmer in Bangladesh you need to solve a problem immediately. Otherwise it puts you at risk in terms of having food available for your family. In my current role as an Enterprise Architect in the company I am  working (which is most of the time related to conceptual problem-solving) I try to keep this is mind. 

Rangpur -

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