My time volunteering

Agricultural volunteer at the Hardy Institute in Ampari Ceylon (now Sri Lanka )

very basic with no equipment, tyres for vehicles, donated aid vehicles with no spare parts. Very hot and isolated.

lovely people, i hope i taught the students something, they were delightful, and i am still in touch with a fellow volunteer who lives in Canada, we went back together with our wives and were saddened to see the amount of traffic, litter plastic etc everywhere

The impact of my placement

I hope i left the ideas of improved cultivation and nutrition with the farmers we worked with

My unforgettable moments

Too many, elephants through our garden, religious ceremonies involving fire walking and putting hooks in themselves deep in a jungle village, not for tourists, dislocating my shoulder in the sea and having it put back after 4 hours with no pain relief, my wonderful cook Simon whose picture still sits in my study, the lovely decent people, the scenery, the wildlife, the curries- where to stop!

The impact my placement has had on me

hugely, i got a job with the Commonwealth Development Corporation in Africa as a result

Hardy Technical Institute ampari

Sri Lanka

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