My time volunteering

I volunteered in 2014 in Marangu-Kilimanjaro, I enjoyed to work with my team (Team tembo). VSO helped me in developing my career in so many ways like communication skills, facilitation skills, event planning, time management, flexibility and adopting in a complex cross cultural context. Also I developed an essential leadership and team working skills

Also it was a nice moment to build network by meeting with both ordinary and extraordinary people. My confidence toward helping others voluntarily has increased significantly.

I admit that VSO has exposed me the world of volunteering. Thank you VSO.

The impact of my placement

While volunteering at Marangu, as a team; we were able to exchange teaching techniques experiences with tutors and student teachers in Mandaka and Marangu TC. Through that project, we influenced local people to build a habit of testing for HIV.

Likewise we impacted the spirit of volunteering to young people across the placement ( via CAD). Alcoholism was amongst of chronic situation in Marangu, we received countless applause from indigenous that our work has been touching there life.

My unforgettable moments

There are so many unforgettable moments, among them is when we arranged a HIV testing  event, the number of people signed up for testing became as larger more than thrice as we expected. It was a busy day and frustrating on one hand and comforting on the other, it was the measure of the team endeavors.

The impact my placement has had on me

I can say, my time with VSO was beautiful and amazing. I have an opportunity to lead a team with different backgrounds, planning and organizing event, working over long hours, budgeting and managing time. Above all, I became a good communicator...

Marangu and Mandaka Tc


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